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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What area do you serve? 
A: We serve the DMV; however, will request a $50 travel fee if the property is more than an hour driving from 20850. 

Q:  The turnaround time 

A: 24-48 hrs. From the time of the onsite shoot. Once your shoot takes place, your media is edited and delivered in 1 business day. Shoots on Saturday will be delivered on Monday.

Q: How it Works? 
A: No phone calls or messages are required prior to booking the shoot with us
All you need is already included in our packages. You can just book it through our website, we will do the rest.

Q: How will I receive the photos?
A: All media will be sent via email with download link.

Q: How long does it take to complete a shoot (at the property)? Do I have to be present?

A: Each type of package differs slightly in length of completion time, but none are over 3 hours long. Every package falls in a 1 to 2 hour range.

You do not need to be present at your shoot. You can provide other ways for your photographer to enter the property such as a lockbox. All you have to do is enter these details in your booking form.

Q:Why should I use a professional photographer?

A:With 94% of home buyers starting their search on the internet you need to make your listing stand out with better photography.

Q: I have a DSLR camera. and cell phone. Why not just use that?

A:Modern DSLRs and cell phone are great, but unless the photographer knows how to use them well, they don't always take great real‑estate pictures. Each photo I take is checked to ensure that all of the verticals are vertical.  Exposure is even across the picture, and there are no dark or bright spots. The full‑frame camera takes great pictures, but its the post‑processing that makes professional images really stand out amongst the hundreds of listings.

Q: How much notice is needed to book a shoot?

A:I recognize that sometimes it's difficult for agents to know too far in advance that contracts will be signed and a photographer will be required. However it's good to have some notice so that I can plan the shoot, look at the weather and anticipate the light. For this reason and for managing my calendar, I like less 4 days notice. We want to work with you! Please do us both a favor and book us early; So we can prioritize your booking. We will be available. 

I will, of course, always try and accommodate shorter‑notice shoots and frequently I can shoot on the same or next day.

Q: How and when do I pay for the shoot?

A:I'm very flexible and offer several ways for clients to pay. Payment is normally made at the shoot.

Zelle (within 12 hours of receiving photos)



Q: What is your refund Policy?

A: Click here for our refund policy

Q: What to do to prepare for your photoshoot.?

A:Deep Clean Your Home.

Replace any burned out bulbs.

To make it simple, make your home/listing look like no one lives there. “Less is best” is what we always like to say. Simply removing magnets from refrigerators can make a kitchen look bigger, as it doesn’t look so cluttered. Clearing off kitchen and bathroom counter tops looks much better, even removing little things like garbage cans and Kleenex boxes can ‘open up’ a room, and really make a difference to a shot. 


Remove trashcans and recycle bins

Store garden hoses, tools, and toys

Remove vehicles, scooters, bikes, etc. from the driveway

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